How HR Professionals are Successfully Adopting Video Technology to Recruit the Best Talent

Technology empowers both employers and job seekers, helping place the right candidates in the right roles

Are you using tech to recruit talent? If not, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. Not only does technology give you greater access to a larger talent pool, but it also makes hiring decisions faster, easier and more effective. Here’s why you should be using technology to enhance your talent acquisition.

Video technology can speed up the recruitment process and save you money

A key advantage of leveraging technology is in the time saving. Instead of spending hours conducting phone and face-to-face interviews, talent professionals can use technology, like video interview software, to pre-screen candidates.

Video makes it easier to work interviews into your schedule. You could work through 10 pre-recorded video interviews in the time it would take you to complete one phone screen, and you can view them when it’s most convenient to you.

Once you’ve screened your candidates, you only need to meet personally with the top candidates. This saves everyone time and makes the hiring process faster, meaning you won’t miss out on your preferred candidate.

It’s also a much more cost-effective way to interview. You’ll no longer need to provide flights and accommodation to out-of-town candidates, and you’ll be able to spend less time in interviews and more time on other high-value areas of the business, like retention.

Video technology can improve the quality of the hire

Another advantage of enhancing your hiring practices with digital tools is that it can improve the quality of the hire and make hiring decisions easier. Video technology, like the video interviewing app Hiya, gives you instant insight into a candidate’s passion, values and cultural fit, and this easy screening process means you only meet with the best of the best.

You’re also able to expand your recruitment pool because you’re not restricted by time-zones or location, and you’re able to make collaborative hiring decisions because you can easily share video interviews with everyone involved in the hiring process.

Digital experiences will expand your talent pool

Most job seekers from Generation Z have never known a world without smartphones and social media. The relationship this generation has with technology should inform the tactics you use to attract and recruit younger candidates. The same tactics you use to attract older candidates (even millennials) won’t work as effectively on Gen Z.

If you’re not using technology to attract, recruit and onboard younger employees, you could even be turning them off. Younger candidates expect a digital experience, and if they perceive your business as behind the times or outdated, they may not want to work with you. If you’re in tech, the need to use digital tools during the recruitment process is essential.

Recruitment technology, like video interviewing software, allows candidates to apply for jobs and perform interviews the way they know how – with their smartphones.

Technology can help you assess soft skills

According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report, 89% of talent professionals reported that a lack of critical soft skills is the number one reason for a new candidate not working out. The same study reported that 92% consider soft skills as important or more important than hard skills.

Assessing soft skills is notoriously difficult. You can objectively assess whether a candidate has the qualifications they need to be successful in the role by looking at a written resume. But judging traits like emotional intelligence or how someone deals with stress can be more difficult to do on paper.

Video interviews give employers the opportunity to assess soft skills, such as emotional agility or communication, at the early stages of the hiring process, meaning you only meet with the candidates who have the soft skills they need to be successful in the role.

Combine technology and human interaction for the best outcome

While technology will help you achieve more effective hiring, digital tools should never replace your sourcing strategies. Rather, they should be used to enhance your current processes by allowing you to make smarter and faster decisions.

Technology is never going to make hiring managers obsolete – successful recruitment will always require a human element (it’s called ‘human’ resources after all). Candidates and employers will always want to connect with a real person to move through the hiring process. Personal communication during the hiring process is the first step to building a relationship with your employees and showing them that they they are a valued part of your business.

How to leverage technology to enhance your hiring practices

Recruiting is an incredibly complex business function, and any good business knows that getting the right candidates into the right roles is critical to the success of a business. While technology will never replace your hiring staff, it can help you streamline and optimise complex hiring practices, helping you make better decisions, faster.

At Office People, we empower hiring managers with the technologies they need to access the best candidates in the market. Our recruitment and screening process leverages the Hiya video interviewing app to provide employers with instant insight into job seekers. Not only does this save hiring professionals hours of time that would otherwise be spent in face-to-face or phone interviews, but it also allows employers to assess whether the candidate is a good cultural fit, meaning lower turnover rates in the long-run.   

But while we’ve built and developed tools to make the hiring process simpler, we recognise that successful recruitment is based on a genuine understanding of a business. That’s why our specialists work closely with businesses, providing a one-on-one personalised service.

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